The Program is intended for lovers of off road who want to see and experience as much of Slavonia as the region for a short time. Demanding off road want to spice up the gastronomy and pour (in normal measure) the wines of this region, the end of which is known in the world.  

  • Arrival in Pakrac in the afternoon
  • Dinner-bed-breakfast in the Hotel Pakrac (3 *)
  • Mountain ride Psunj
  • Lunch at Mountain House Omanovac
  • Dinner-bed-breakfast in the Hotel Pakrac
  • 95% Terrain 80 km
  • Mountain ride Psunj
  • Lunch in nature
  • Dinner-bed-breakfast „Zlatni lug“
  • 70% terrain 110 km
  • driving Požega Mountain
  • Lunch „Zlatni lug“
  • Visit Winery Jakobović with tasting
  • Dinner-bed-breakfast „Zlatni lug“
  • 50% terrain 100 km
  • back to Mt. Psunj
  • Lunch at „Da-Bar“ resort
  • Dinner-bed-breakfast in the Hotel Pakrac
  • 70% terrain 100 km
  • Driving to the „Da-Bar“ resort by road-book with Addressing various challenges
  • Lunch at „Da-Bar“ resort
  • (Relaxed day with socializing and test/practice track driving)
  • Car Wash
  • Dinner- bed and breakfast at Hotel Pakrac
  • 70% terrain 40 km
  • Return to homes
MT tires, CB station, winch, 2 strips (Long and short), shovel, axe Included in price: 6 x Dinner-nights-breakfast, 4x lunch (solid object),
1 x Lunch (in nature), tasting in
Winery Jakobović (15 types of wine)
Guide with vehicle, translator, permits,
Agreement, concessions
Not included in price: fuel, beverages, vehicle failures, souvenirs.