Auto Club "ADVENTURE 4×4" was officially founded 2002 year. It gathers nature lovers and SUVs.

We gathered almost two years earlier and acted as a subsidiary of the Auto Club "Grobnik" but the activities of the club quickly moved on and we started a stand-alone club. In the beginnings as we learned and absorbed the knowledge we attended many gatherings, Tres and journeys in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania.

Today 18 years later we have the knowledge and experience that gives us the legitimacy to organize one-day, weekend or multi-day rides in Croatia (up to 14 days). We do this for people who like off road, respect nature but want something else, different. We rarely advertise because almost all of the events are made on a recommendation and we consider it our greatest achievement.

So far, we have collaborated with agencies and clubs from Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. From Croatian companies we have done various events, presentations and education driving 4x4 for Toyota Croatia, group Nissan-Renault-Dacia Croatia, Monroe dampers-Eastern Europe. Magazines Auto Club (Reportages from the trip), the magazine Terenci (Reportages and school off-road) and newspaper Novi List for which we have written tests of SUVS.

It is up to you to contact us and make sure we stand behind all of this.


In addition, we organized a lot of events for various companies (smaller groups) who do not possess SUV's.

Now we are devoted to the organization of events for individuals, clubs and agencies. Our clientele are people who own their own SUV's and want to make them a maximum but safe use in their natural environment. The ride itself is part of our offer in which we "installed" what makes our location so special and different, which are gastronomy, culture and rich history of the region.

To experience all this we do small groups (5-8 SUV's) And this approach can be devoted to each guest and give it the maximum.